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Find out just what it means to stretch and believe that you really can do it.

Tonight’s teleseminar will be available to you by phone or via the web.

We’re not sure if there will be a replay or not so make sure you show up for the live call.

This is the first teleseminar that Dr. Kunath and  I have done in a very long time and I know we’re looking forward to it. I hope you are too.

You really can make things happen in your life!

Join us tonight.

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Title: You Have To Stretch in Order to Get What You Want
Time: Sunday, July 25th at 6:00pm Central
Listening method: Phone + Web Simulcast
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Ten Lucky Steps (continued)

Here’s the rest of your steps to prosperous thinking and financial independence:

6. Don’t become anxious, excited or emotionally upset if affairs do not immediately begin producing the results you desire. Do not try to force or hurry your mental image into fulfillment. Anxious, excited, emotional, hurried, forced states of mind produce violent results that are seldom satisfactory, and they can be most discouraging and destructive.

7. Instead of caring what people say or think, quietly continue to persevere in making your mental image of financial independence come forth, in whatever ways are revealed to you. Remind yourself often that you are working with the rich substance of the universe through prosperous thinking, and that you cannot fail, because the laws of the universe are immutable and cannot fail.  Thus, nothing can prevent your success from manifesting, as you keep thinking and working toward it.

8. Realize that your dreams of financial independence have already come true on the mental plane, by the time you desire them or become aware of them. thus, your great good is as much yours before it becomes visible as it is afterwards, but it is up to you to bring it into visibility. You can do so by declaring “Divine substance, give me this now in thine own perfect way.” or, “Divine substance now meet this demand in thine own perfect way, it is mine now and quickly manifests in satisfying ways.” NEVER say “It can never happen”.

9. Remind yourself often that if others have attained financial independence, so can you. What one has done, many can do. What can be done in small degree can, with persistence, frequency and earnestness, be done in an unlimited degree. It’s up to you.

10. Remind yourself often also that every good thing already exists in the realm of substance. Through your high expectancy, mental images and prosperous thought and action, you become master of the realm of substance, and can bring forth whatever you wish from it. The history of the world shows that every mental demand of man has been met. Make yours now. Stick to it and you will succeed.

It can happen overnight but if it doesn’t, don’t think twice. It will happen if you dare to persist in expecting, envisioning and mentally accepting the idea of financial independence for yourself and all folks. At first it may take some effort on your part to begin believing success is possible  for you, but the fruits of that effort will make it worth every prosperous thought held, every vision entertained, every rich mental picture you have built.

Declare this often: “Every day in every way I am becoming financially independent, with the help of God.”


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Ten Lucky Steps To Financial Independence

Here’s your ten steps to prosperous thinking and financial independence:

1. Get quiet, meditate, and ask your God if there is any reason why you should not become financially independent (this act will remove all uncertainty from your mind since it is uncertainty that delays your success).

2. Having decided to achieve financial independence and having gotten a sense of peace about the rightness of of it for you, make a mental picture of the highest degree of it that you wish to experience. Mentally image the amount of income you wish and how you will live when you are independent. Build as detailed a mental picture of financial independence as possible. The more you think about it, the more detailed your mental picture will become. Think of the kind of home you want, the type of clothes you want to wear, the activities you want to experience and the places you want to visit.

3. Build the mental picture of what you REALLY want, not what someone else wants you to have, or what you think it is your duty to have- it’s what you REALLY want. Many people lead miserable lives of failure because they try to please others. Your life is a divine gift for you to live, not for someone else to live for you. Only what you sincerely want can make you happy. Build mental pictures upon that and nothing else.

4. Say little to anyone about your inner plans, because others can always tell you how they think  you should live your life, but they can’t live it for you successfully. Keep your success plans to yourself. do not dissipate them, or subject them to cross-current, by giving others a chance to tear them apart.

5. Proceed to take the first steps toward your mental pictures of financial independence. Do whatever little or big things you can to gain the feeling that you are already on the way toward it. Set a time limit and plan to achieve certain things within six months, others within a year, and others within two years. Set a date when you plan to achieve complete financial independence.

Stay tuned for the other five steps……


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Other Techniques For Establishing Financial Independence

In addition to multiplying every financial figure by ten or by ten times ten, here’s some other things you should do to establish your financial independence

Begin now filling your mind with pictures of the life you would like to lead when you are financially able.  Study newspapers and magazines with luxurious clothes, homes, hobbies and other things in life which you want to have or experience.

Build you inner mental pictures of your life free from financial worry, free for travel, hobbies, worthwhile accomplishments and good relationships. Regarding the talents and abilities you want to develop, begin studying books and filling your mind with the pictures of fulfillment along that line. Think of organizations you would like to help and the good you’d like your riches to accomplish.

Build the mental picture of financial independence also for your loved ones, in your own thinking. Free yourself of all that is less than rich, financial independence. Millions of people all over the world are slaves to war, crime, delinquency, and ill health because they ignorantly belive that their wealth lies outside themselves, leaving them wholly dependent on others. Dissolve this destructive, hypnotic belief and do it for others as well as yourself.  Dare to accept the truth that financial independence is one of the God-given rights of all mankind, which you can help to bring forth by your own attitudes, actions and reactions.

You should also begin building your expectancy and faith in financial independence by studying the subjects of finance, economics and investments. Realize in your thinking that you are not bound to the wheel of work, day in and day out.


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Techniques for Becoming Financially Independent

Begin now to mentally accept the vision of financial independence for yourself and those you hold dear by filling your mind with pictures of the life you would like to lead, rather than being hypnotized by the life you seem to be leading at the moment.

Keep your high visions of financial independence to yourself. Start doing whatever little or big thing you can to help your large vision come true.

If you keep up the practice of this one simple technique, it will lead to greater prosperity and it can definitely lead to financial independence as well: The ancients believed that the number “ten” has a magic power of increase. Thus, beginning right now, whenever you think about money, whether it be income, outgo, the amount in your savings or investments – begin mentally increasing your supply by thinking of ten times that amount coming to you. This is a fascinating and fun technique for increasing your money.

For instance, look in your wallet. Suppose there is $5 there. Look at it and declare: “I give thanks that this $5 is but a symbol of the inexhaustible substance of the universe. I give thanks that ten times this much or $50 is now on its way to me and quickly manifests in perfect ways.”

Multiply every figure that presents itself to you by ten, and begin expecting the multiplied amount to come to you. In that way, you begin to think of how much you have and how much is coming, rather than the usual deadly thought that you haven’t enough.

By multiplying everything by ten, your thinking  automatically shifts from lack to prosperity. since the mind quickly responds to definite figures, it will seem as though heaven and earth are working to propel money in your direction.

Look at the balance in your checkbook. Say $50 is there. Instead of thinking “This isn’t enough to pay the bills” change the thought to “This is but a symbol o the rich substance of the universe that is available to me. i give thanks that ten times this much, or $500 is now on its way to me and quickly manifests to meet every demand.”

When the bills begin flowing in around the first of the month, instead of thinking “This bill of $20 is much too high this month. We simply must cut down on expenses”, change the thought to “$20 is but a symbol of the rich substance of the universe that is now available to me. i give thanks that ten times this much, or $200, is now on its way to me and it quickly appears, so that every financial obligation is immediately and completely met with the rich substance of the universe.”

After multiplying your money by ten mentally, if there is financial need, it is good to go ahead sending forth whatever substance is on hand to meet it. That opens the way for the multiplied amounts to begin flowing in. The outflow makes way for the inflow.

With every financial transaction that presents itself to you, multiply it by ten, giving thanks that ten times that much is coming to you for your private use. It is the quickest, surest, most delightful way to get your degree in prosperous thinking!

Once you get in this habit you can take it even further than just the power of “ten”. Remember when you give, you invoke the power of receiving. One man gave a dollar after an inspiring lecture and said “I am giving, thereby invoking the law of receiving. I expect to receive on hundred times this amount, or $100. I give thanks that it quickly appears in perfect ways.” The next afternoon, a woman walked into his office and handed him a check and said “I do not owe you any money because i have not needed treatment from you recently. However, I am greatly impressed with the help you have been able to give several members of my family recently. they have been completely restored to health through your treatment. In appreciation i would like to share a portion of some money that recently came to me unexpectedly.” The check he insisted he accept was for $100.

What freedom this one simple technique gives you from the thought of lack, poverty and “not enough”. It completely changes your attitude to: “this is a rich universe, and there’s plenty  for you and for me.”


What do you think? Please comment below to tell me.

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Assume Your Financial Independence Now

A good way to begin cultivating the expectation of financial independence, and the happy experiences it can bring, is by beginning to be financially independent for the day, week or month before you. It is always easier for the mind to produce results that are expected in the present or immediate future.

Begin your day the prosperous way by affirming lavish abundance for that day, even before getting up. Put prosperous thinking first, as well as last, in your day.

As you awaken each morning and emotionally prepare to meet the new day, either before rising or with your morning coffee, prepare yourself by writing out, verbally affirming, or silently declaring a number of times: “I expect lavish abundance every day in every way in my life. I specifically expect and give thanks for lavish abundance today!” In this way you are sending prosperous thinking before you to prepare a satisfying and worthwhile a that will run to meet you, hour by hour with its delightful surprises and satisfactions.

As you develop each day a state of mind that believes in, expects, and experiences financial independence one day at a time, your state of mind then automatically expands, so that financial independence becomes a weekly, monthly and yearly habit.  But you must start some time in your thinking, and the daily basis is the easiest, most immediate and most satisfying, because it gives you proof positive that your prosperity is at hand, awaiting your recognition and acceptance of it.

One businessman noted that his business doubled after he began to concentrate his attention on the thought and expectancy of financial independence, rather than on the thought of how hard he had to work and how useless it all seemed. Several years ago he began spending an hour each morning mentally planning his day as he wished it to be. He held in mind figures of sales he wanted to obtain. It was by his daily process of thinking of lavish abundance for himself and later his sales people that he worked his way up to an executive position in the company.


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Conserve Your Time & Energy

Begin to discipline yourself more; conserve your time and energy; associate only with other prosperous-minded people, with whom you have compatible interests. As you turn from all that is unproductive or unrelated to your vision of prosperity; as you stop trying to please others and dare to please the “still, small voice” of progress within your own heart, you are well on the way to financial independence.

Many people want to become financially independent but they never make the grade because they refuse to discipline themselves and their way of life. It may seem to you an extreme idea that you must concentrate, concentrate and concentrate on prosperity to the exclusion of all else, that you should discard negative, failure-minded business associates; that you should begin fearlessly to weed out all undesirable relationships; that you should be careful with whom and how you spend your time, even your leisure time.

Once you decide to try this method, you will discover that it as though you are breaking hard shell of limited thought, feeling and activity. When you get past that point, you can begin enjoying a more balanced way of life again. but there is that transition period of having a “one-track mind” that thinks only of success and prosperity, after which you find yourself in a much higher financial bracket. you will discover a new zest in life, and you will be able to relax and really have fun, because you have earned it. But unless you conserve and concentrate prior to that point you’ll never attain it.


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Visualize Financial Independence

Remember “Ask and it shall be given you; seek and ye shall find; knock and it shall be opened unto you; for everyone that asketh, receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.” (Matthew 7:7)

Most folks overlook this as a prosperity secret. Often they let riches pass them by, just because they do not ask the help of a Higher Power to learn how to attain their good.

Begin to visualize yourself, not as just becoming more prosperous, but as becoming financially independent. Emma Curtis Hopkins has written “Whatever is oftenest viewed with the inner eye reveals its secrets and hands out its gifts.” It is a delightful process and very stimulating to the mind and it really is not daydreaming if you dare to get definite in your thinking.

Mrs. Hopkins also pointed out “Success lies in being one-pointed, and in rejecting all that distracts from one’s victorious objective”. Why be mildly prosperous when, by being mentally “one-pointed” you can be completely free from financial care, so that you will have time and money to develop other phases of your being that can be a credit to you and all mankind?

You really are equipped to master life in its every phase! You do not have to compromise in life, if you are willing to let go of the idea of compromise. By ceasing needless activities, associations and relationships; by ceasing to be bothered with needless chatter with scatter-minded people, you will find that financial independence is right around the corner, much nearer than you previously assumed.


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Dare to be Different

Conservation of thought, energy and emotional drive are all necessary for financial independence. In order to become permanently prosperous you must dare to be different! At least for a while. The time for daring is the moment when the stakes are high. We must be willing to risk as much in order to win much- we must be willing to put all to the test.

This leads to a joyous, satisfying life filled with congenial associations and rich experiences, a life free from nonessential activities. When you decide to become financially independent, you immediately make up your mind to cease caring “what people think” and dare to concentrate on your goal. As you become more prosperous, you will not care what you previous associates think anyway, because you will undoubtedly be forming new, more satisfying, and more congenial relationships in keeping with your expanding vision.

Think BIG!

The most successful people think big, not limiting themselves or their associates to their ideas and opinions. If you desire to  be free of a lot of limited thoughts and petty opinions, begin to think big.

Concentrate on financial independence and you will “lose” the petty thinkers along the way. You’ll cultivate enduring, satisfying friends who will help you up the ladder of success.

Hold on to your dreams and visions of great success, prosperity and financial independence until others of like mind come along to help make it come true.

Dust off your dream

If you have unfulfilled dreams and visions of greater prosperity and success somewhere in your mind, don’t keep them there any longer. Dare to bring them out and dust them off. Dare to begin thinking of the possibilities of financial independence even if, at this point, they seem impossible to fulfill.

Often you may not have succeeded because you felt that somehow you had to succeed alone and the thought overwhelmed you; it seemed easier to settle for failure. Form your partnership with God.  God’s guidance about your financial situation will never lead you anywhere but to greater prosperity. Begin every day asking for, listening for and expecting specific guidance about all your projects.

Remember that God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent and omniactive. Remind yourself of that frequently. Acceptance of that allows you to calmly receive whatever guidance and advice you get. God opens ways where there seems to be no way. Grasp this truth and hold fast to it. Businesses have been saved, fortunes built, discoveries made, inventions perfected and the dead restored to life after the sentence of defeat has been made by humanity. Fortunately God’s goodness does not stop at the limits of our human vision. Keep steady, keep your faith, keep your courage and remember that God opens ways where, to the human mind, there is no way.


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Emotions are your Go-Power

Another secret of financial independence (after we decide we won’t settle for less than the best in life) is the law of concentration and conservation. Conservation of thought, energy and emotional drive are all greatly needed for financial independence. You have, I’m sure, seen people who seem to prosper for a period.   Their business may even be booming. But suddenly the bottom drops out and they experience dire failure, from which they seem unable to recover. In almost every instance, if you look closely, you will discover that those people’s emotions, attitudes and way of life became scattered, thus depleting them of their previous fine ability to prosper.

Most business activities prosper as long as their personal lives succeed. But when marital difficulties arise, their businesses go on the rocks, too.

We are all creatures of emotion and deep feeling. Our deep feeling can “make or break us” financially. They are your God-power and your go-Power. Guard them closely because your emotions are the richest gold mind you will ever own. Scattered thinking, scattered emotions, scattered actions lead to a scattering of your mind power. This, in turn depletes your physical energy that is essential for prosperity; it depletes your brain energy that is needed for an intelligent course of action or plan for prosperity; it saps your emotional drive that is needed to put your prosperity plans to work.


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